Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips - Review

The brightly coloured tubes of lip balm from Maybelline were just about the cutest and most raved about beauty release of 2013 with a mention cropping up at some point on every beauty blog. I was no exception to this and after hearing of the release, swiftly popped on off to Boots picking up two of the tinted editions, pink punch and cherry me and a clear edition as well in the creatively named shade hydrate.

It's fair to say that the baby lips don't really resemble anything with a double figure price tag with the packaging recalling childhood memories of those lip balms you used to get in a collection out of a £1 machine outside Sainsbury's. But I can look past that because the baby lips are just so darn cute with their bright pop colours and funky colourful righting and similarly awesome scents, it makes me want to buy all of them so I can have them sitting next to each other on my dressing table!

Cherry me is a pink red tinted lip balm which does actually give off quite a bit of colour, not quite as much as a lipstick, more of a stain effect which as a bold lip whimp, I definitely enjoy! Pink punch has a slightly more powdery texture with a lot more pigmentation to the bright baby pink shade with an opaque finish very much achievable with 2 layers so perhaps not suited for those who like a tint. The wear time for the colour tinted balms is about 2 hours, not too long but they're easy to top us so not a big problem. Hydrate offers no colour, instead moisturises the lips and gives them a slight sheen as do the other 2 lipsticks. 

In terms of hydration, the baby lips seem to pop a layer of moisturiser over your lips rather than deep down hydration so are more of a day to day slick on job than a rich overnight deep treatment. They do make my lips slightly softer and are not too greasy but that softness doesn't last long at all.

Overall, a pretty standard lip balm but the colour and scents make these a really fun pocket pal to slick on for a bit of colour and hydration!

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  1. I love Baby Lips, I was sucked into the hype as well. I love how soft my lips are after I used it!