Monday, 27 January 2014

Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Mask - Review

As an avid face mask fan, I was intrigued to try a clay mask, step in MJ and their new range of clay infused face masks. These masks are fabric which has holes for your eyes, nose and mouth but do be warned not to venture too far out whilst wearing this and you may notice people screaming, crying and general fear when they see you!

The glacial clay spa mask is light blue in colour and smells very fresh with a certain aroma of men's after shave which I for one am not complaining about.. The mask takes about 20 minutes to dry before you can peel it off without making a big ol' mess much to my mothers dismay.

After peeling off the mask and giving my skin a quick rinse, my face felt really refreshed and slightly softer which really is all your going to get from these sorts of masks , it's more about the experience than the benefits. 

All together, another nice mask from the lovely MJ which I am happy to have spent my pound coin on.

Beauty and the Budget

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