Friday, 24 January 2014

OPI Nail Polish in Heart Throb -Review

I have been longing to try a polish from OPI ever since I started watching the beauty vloggers from across the pond with their rows and rows of the classic black bottles so when I saw the reduced price tag on the OPI stand in a rather dated shop, 'farmers' in the middle of a country village in New Zealand, I knew this was fate, I had to pick one up!

The polish calls home a very 'profesh' looking bottle with a nice sized brush which helps with the application. The colour is a very sheer baby pink shade which can either be used as a French manicure bottom coat or you can build it up to an opaque baby pink colour  in 4 shades but keep aside a good half hour for that to dry! 

When I picked this polish up, I had in mind one sweep glossy opaque baby pink nails but in reality I had to do some serious layering to get a full on finish and that meant drying my nails took ages  and the polish peeled off after only a few days.

I don't think Ill be repurchasing this shade again and wouldn't really recommend it either unless your looking for a nice french manicure shade or you really enjoy waiting for ages for your manicure to dry - and I don't think many of us do.

Beauty and the Budget


  1. Ooo the shade is super pretty layered up! I do that with one of my essie shades even though the waiting time is pain staking! Worth it haha xx

    1. Haha! If only you could get that colour in one coat! x