Friday, 31 January 2014

Rimmel Nail Polish in Wishing On A Star - Review

Rimmel's nail polish in wishing on a star is one of those shades that I have put towards the back of my collection along with the other obscure shades that I just didn't really like the look of however after painting my nails with this for the first time, I may have to eat a big helping of humble pie as I really do like this shade, whoops.. 

Wishing on a star is a lovely orange shade with a bit of shimmer, a nice alternative to a classic coral. The formula is also lovely and lasts three or four days with minimal chipping and the really largely brush also means you can get a nice even finish without a very steady hand (which I definitely do not possess)

Overall, this is a really nice polish which I am so glad to have discovered, it really goes to show that it's good to try lots of different shades to see what suits you!

Beauty and the Budget

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