Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Sanctuary Self Heating Detox Mask - Review

Along with bee and snake venom, charcoal seems to be the 'skin secret' of the moment with its apparent pore refining results. I'm afraid to say I was pretty much sucked into buying the charcoal mask by this news and the predominantly positive reviews from Miss Budget Beauty pushed me over the edge and this into my basket.

The mask comes housed in a practical grey tube which means you avoid mess and the mask drying up before you've reached the end. The formula is pretty thick and grey in colour so it does take a little longer to work into the skin. Whilst applying this you do feel this warming up but the sensation really doesn't last long so don't get too excited about that. 

You only need to apply a thin layer of  this to cover your whole face and get the benefits and it means that you can get about 20 uses out of the tube which is slightly pricey at about £8 which works out at *switches to calculator app* about 30p a use which although it seems more expensive actually is cheaper than buying the £1 Montagne Jeunesse masks each time. That being said thought, does this really do anything.

Lots of blogger have said that they noticed results from this mask after using it for a little while, their pores were more defined and their skin better but I can't say I noticed much at all, my pores were the same and my skin didn't really feel much better either which was a bit disappointing as Sanctuary is meant to be a pretty good brand.

Again though, I have heard lots of people say their skin did improve so if you are thinking of trying this but are not sure if it will work, you can also buy a little sample sachet of this so I'd suggest trying that out first and if you like it go for the tube as it's much better value. Personally, this is a nice calming mask to use but it doesn't really do more for me than an MJ. mask so I wouldn't really reach for this again but there again, the story might be different for you so do give it a try if your interested!

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