Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Soap and Glory Off Your Face Purifying Wipes - Review

The ultimate beauty sin in the eyes of many a skincare expert is using face wipes to remove your makeup but frankly everybody has those days when an extensive cleansing routine is jugs not going to happen and with a twenty four flight coming up, I bought some S&G face wipes as the usual £1 Primark or Tesco baby wipes really sting my skin so I these ones, i hoped wouldn't.

The Off Your Face wipes come in a ridiculously cute pink bag and the 25 wipes share a similarly cute peach smell, the same as the Peaches and Clean which is a really nice refreshing scent when you feel all yucky and eugh.. These face wipes also don't irritate my skin so if you have sensitive skin like me, then you should be ok. 

So how good are the face wipes at removing all your slap, pretty darn good actually! The wipes have enough moisture to remove a full face of makeup including eye makeup all in one wipe and seeing as you only get 25 wipes for £4.50, it means they last a long time! After using these to remove my makeup, my skin didn't break out using these which I was pretty happy with.

Overall, I really like these wipes although they are a little pricey but they do the job well, they smell good and they look even cuter to so if your out to commit the biggest beauty sin ever, then I would definitely go for these! 

Beauty and the Budget

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