Friday, 10 January 2014

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter - Review

The product that the Body Shop have always been most famous for are there colourful jars of extremely scented body butter! They come in loads of different scents from orange to vanilla to strawberry which is the one that I have to review today!

The body butter has a very strong strawberry scent which if you aren't a huge fan of the red stuff, you may find a little too much so do have a sniff of all the flavours to find your favourite. Unfortunately, the scent doesn't linger for so long on the skin but it's still quite a nice whiff whilst you are applying!

The formula of the butter is really thick and soaks into the skin really quickly. However I do find that after the first few minutes my skin feels exactly the same as before. This combined with the pretty steep price means I don't think I would repurchase this although the scents are pretty nice, Soap and Glory do a really nice body butter which although doesn't have lots if different scent options, the classic S&G scent is pretty lovely and it costs a lot less than the Body Shop option so I would definitely go for S&G's offering any time!

Beauty and the Budget


  1. Seems like a nice products...and yes soap and glory butters are great am planning to try those...

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