Monday, 20 January 2014

What's On My Wishlist? #6

I don't know about you but après- Christmas is my favourite time to shop because of the great bargains that you can catch. Naturally, I have made a list of all the products I want to nab after Father Christmas has come and gone!

Recently, my skin has decided not to play nicely and even my heavy duty S&G concealer isn't enough to cover it's bad behaviour, step in Vichy Dermablend foundation. This stuff is said to have enough coverage to cover up tattoos and has been recommended by the likes of Lisa Eldridge as a great blemish camouflage.

After running out of my lovely max factor whipped crème foundation, I hurried on off to boots to try out one of the much raved about Bourjois foundation and made a classic school boy error, bought the wrong shade. Instead of going out resembling a tangerine, I have been reading up about the Barry M white foundation which is apparently very good for turning foundations to the right shade, a must have for anyone like me who cannot shade match for pants.

Reading British Beauty Blogger's blog is a great way for any beauty connoisseur to brush up on their knowledge on all the new products coming to the shelves. One such example being the pore refiner from Maybelline. For anyone afflicted with larger than life pores, a primer is an essential step for foundation to skim past those bits so I'm hoping Maybelline can sort me out in that department.

Soap and Glory's make up selection is not hugely talked about in the blogging world and I haven't really heard much about their show good face foundation either but my deep love for the kick ass concealer is luring me in the direction of trying that foundation..

I have really surprised myself that I have not yet picked up anything from the luxe line from MUA but I really want to do so. The eyebrow pencils look pretty interesting and the same for the lip products so I will definitely be picking up a couple of bits from that line soon.

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