Monday, 3 February 2014

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub - Review

Lush's infamous lip scrubs have made their way onto the screens as well as the lips of all the big bloggers as a favourite for ridding your lips of flaking and dryness during the harsh winter. The lip scrubs come in two different flavours, bubblegum and mint Julips which is a pop corn colour and they have also done a special Christmas version as well called Santa which smells and tastes of cola bottles. The one that I have to share with you guys today is the pink pot of bubble gum! 

The lip scrub is housed in a lovely lush style black glass box which feels very safe and sturdy. 

The lip scrub has a truly hot pink shade which brings many childhood memories back of chewing away at the seriously strawberry hubba bubba gum, a true love of mine. 

The scrub has a really sugar like texture as it's made of caster sugar *shock* so it really works to scrub those nasty flakers off your lips and leave them lovely and soft.

As well as the lip benefits this little tub carries, it also tastes pretty good as well! After giving my lips a good scrub, I don't mind if I do take care of any left! 

Although this lil' pot is quite pricey at £5.50, it really does work well and is an essential in my makeup bag for the winter time especially. I have tried making my own lip scrub but it really wasn't as good as this so I would really recommend you have a try of this! 

Beauty and the Budget 


  1. I love the Popcorn one! It's salty as well as sweet. Yum yum yum.

    1. Yes! I will have to try that one after this is all gone! x