Saturday, 15 February 2014

The 'Achoo' Edit

Today I come to you from under several blankets, duvets and discarded tissues because I have a cold. After months of dodging the sneezy people and keeping my hands clean, I have still managed to catch a cold. So for all you fellow snifflers out there, today I thought I'd do a round up of all the products that I've been using to look slightly more presentable if I am forced to leave my duvet cocoon. Without further ado, here is the suitably named 'achoo edit'...

Every cold comes with a lovely side serving of red noses and 'less than awake, looking eyes so for now, high coverage concealer is your best friend. Collection's lasting perfection concealer offers a long lasting coverage for any redness round the nose and for under the eyes, I reach for Soap and Glory's peach toned concealer.

Nobody wants to be fiddling around with cut creases and contouring with sore, tired eyes. So instead, I like to fill in my eyebrows to add some definition to the eye area. MUA's brow kit has two brow shades, a wax and a highlight so is very good for finding a good brow shade.

Dull and life lacking skin are another lovely symptom that come with a cold. So to combat this, I like to perk things up facially with a luminating foundation, enter MUA undress your skin foundation to get a bit more of a 'I'm not dying' look. Another treat from MUA for adding more life into your skin is this cream blusher in bubblegum. Dab a bit onto your cheeks and blend out with your fingers for a healthy glow.

Next up concealer which is a must have with the heavy bags and redness in the nose area from excess nose wiping! My trusty S&G kick ass concealer works really nicely as an all in one concealer and general face fixer with two tones of concealer, peach for the under eyes and cream for the nose area and blemishes as well as a powder for on the go top ups.

So now we've gone over the beauty bits, here are a few ways that I find make me feel a little bit better. First up, throat spray, this releases that irritating tickle that you get with a soar throat  and drives me mad! If the idea of going outside daunts you, try a concoction of lemon juice, honey and sugar for flavour mixed with boiling water as a more natural remedy. I really like the taste of this mixture and I do find that it does relieve some of my symptoms. Finally, a runny nose always comes with a side dose of a sore nose area from the endless stream of tissues around the area (yum.) which just makes everything worse. But I always find that lip balm really treats the skin around your nose when you apply it there and lessens the stingy feeling. Carmex is my lip balm of choice.

I hope you enjoyed reading this collection of products for when a cold call/. If you do have a cold and are feeling under the weather, I hope you get better soon! *massive sneeze, runs for a tissue*
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