Saturday, 29 March 2014

The 'Spring' Eye

You know when you find a really good combination of shadows one morning when your doing your makeup, #winning! Anyway that happened a few weeks ago so of course I  had to share my uncharacteristic success in the eye department with you all even if the colours are a bit more autumn than spring appropriate!

As a base for my eyes, I whipped out a bit of this golden, sparkly cream shadow from B popping it all over the lid. That was than followed by a bit of blending brush action with MAC all that glitters spread over the top. You definitely need a base under the MAC shade because too my great dissapointment, it doesn't really show up very well otherwise nor stick around for long either.

Then it's time for a bit of definition. Instead of whipping out the classic harsh black liner, I used the Rimmel kohl kajal liner on my inner eye or whatever that bit of the eye is called! It's sometimes nice to change things up from a black liner and gives a softer kind'a look than black. Finally, it's time to get the lashes involved with a quick session with the curlers and whip on a few coats of the Maybelline cat eye mascara to give length to those lashes! 

Beauty and the Budget

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