Monday, 14 April 2014

March 2014 Favourites!

Hello everyone and welcome to my monthly favourites! I hope you've all had a really good month. My month has sadly been filled with revision (well, mostly procrastination) but a little bit of shopping as well so not all bad! Anyway, this month I only have a few products I've really liked but they're mostly all new bits to the blog so things shouldn't get too repetitive for you I hope!

I recently went for a much needed haircut and had quite a few inches off the old locks to get off some of the dead ends so now with my new cut, I've got all into really looking after it so it stays nice for a while, enter Dove's leave in conditioner. This yellow bottle of gorgeous smelling 'no washing out involved' conditioner leaves my hair feeling really soft and fly always look much less noticeable. I pop a couple of pumps through my hair after a wash when it's still damp and it really does help to keep things soft and shiny up top.

The Dove spray is not the only hair product I've been all over this month, oh no! It's also been the month of love for the Herbal Essences deep conditioner pot in the honey variety. After falling in love with their red pot version of this a few months ago, I was so excited to see if the honey offering would be as good and it really is! Although this is meant to be a 'deep conditioner' I find its not too heavy to use as an everyday conditioner so that is how I've been dwindling it down. This stuff smells so good and really does soften my hair and leave it feeling really silky, a firm favourite of mine now and a permanent residence in my hair routine fo' sure..

If you managed to catch my (not so) Spring Eye look a few posts ago, you will have heard of my two new favourites in the eye department. The first of which being Rimmel's kohl kajal liner in brown. As a firm advocate of a good bit of definition in the eye department, Rimmel's brown shade makes a really good change from the usual harsh black for a softer and more naturally defined eye but still preventing the completely undefined 'where have my eyes gone to' no eye liner look at the same time.

Second of the two  eye (pun intended) loves of the month would be this cream shadow from the relatively new B brand from Superdrug. This shimmering golden cream shadow in the shade 'golden shade' has been working wonders as a base for the easily disappearing All that Glitters shadow from MAC to slip on over the top. The combination of the two gold shades leads for a really pretty eye look that I will definitely be wearing for a long time to come.

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  1. Hello doll...
    I also love the Herbal Essences pot, but I only tried the blue one-several times. Do you think that the Dove spray would help with my split ends?
    Xoxo Nika

  2. Hi lovely! The Dove thing id say is better for keeping things soft but for split ends, I really like the berry I hair oil from Daniel Galvin Junior. It's not too expensive and it does the job well! Xx