Saturday, 19 April 2014

Vichy Dermablend Corrective Foundation - Review

After having one of those "my skin really does look terrible" days a little while back, Vichy's glowing reviews as a foundation which can even cover tattoos seemed like the perfect solution so of courepse when in Paris.. I picked up a tube and have been enjoying it ever since!

I picked up the foundation in the lightest shade, Opal but when I got home and tried it, it did look a little orange at first but that seems to settle down after a while but maybe do go for one shade down than you think you are to avoid the tangerine look.

I don't personally use this stuff as a foundation but instead as Lisa Eldridge suggested, as a blemish concealer specifically. I find squeezing the foundation out on the back of my hand and taking the tiniest little bit which is really important because I find weirdly, the more you use the less coverage you get. So I take a teeny bit from my hand on a fluffy brush (the one I use is the E3 eye brush from MUA) and pop it over the blemish.

This way, the coverage seems to last for about 6 hours which is pretty good as I pop it on the morning before school, and things stay covered until the end of the day. The coverage is really nice and brings the redness in my skin down so its much less noticeable. If you want an even higher coverage than this, then you can also use a foundation before you pop this on which I find works nicely for the night time. One area when Vichy isn't quite so great is under the old peepers. The coverage is nice but things tend to get a little creased and it settles into those lines so I wouldn't recommend it for that.

Vichy's Dermablend foundation is a firm favourite for me now and has been in my everyday arsenal for covering the less than lovely areas of my skin which need a bit of coverage. Apart from the S&G kick ass concealer which I also really like, I haven't really found any cheaper alternatives to this stuff so if your in need of a high coverage foundation, then head straight on the channel tunnel or just pop into Boots and pick a tube of this stuff up!

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