Friday, 13 June 2014

Beauty Bargain Bonanza

I don't know what's got into me but I seem to be on it with the bargains in the beauty department at the moment with some new high end products to try for drugstore prices. Although lots of these bargains bar a few are one off occurrences, you could use this post as an inspiration to have a good rummage through the clearance section next time your satisfying your beauty addiction!

A few Sundays ago, me and my mum got up much too early to head off to a car boot sale to sell some old bits and bobs. Not only did I manage to get rid of some old stuff that was cluttering my room, I also got an absolute beauty bargain in the form of MAC's eyebrow pencil in fling for just £1! Now I know you must be thinking its too good to be true but I actually asked the lady who sold it and she said it was real and she was selling it as she'd shut down her shop so I'm quite confident that this is the real deal!

When having a little browse through M&S's beauty clearance section, I spotted a little box of skin care bits from the brand Murad at only £5.95 reduced from £30. The box includes a smaller size cleanser, treatment gel, moisturiser and spot treatment which a cheeky Google search left me with a very smug smile to find out the cleanser individually would have made quite a hole in the pocket at £50 for the full size! I also picked up this Pür blusher in a shade which I can't quite remember *bad blogger* which was reduced to £3 from £18. From the looks of it, M&S seem to have a pretty constant flow of sale it's so next time you're in there, make sure you have a look!

I also made a little Debenhams order during their 10% off sale so not a huge discount but more of an excuse to pick up the select cover up concealer which I've been after for quite a while now. I've been using this under my eyes and on blemishes for a little while to see whether its a good'un or not, so far I like it but its not amazing. The other thing I picked up was this little trio of liners from Urban Decay. Despite being a bit cack-handed, I've been devoting a bit more time recently to finding the perfect eyeliner for me and my peepers. Lots of people say that UD are on it in that department so I'm excited to see how these compare to there cheaper Rimmel counterparts. Chucked into my Debenhams order, I also got about 10 little perfume samples which are perfect to keep in your handbag for a quick spritz on the go.

Beauty and the Budget 


  1. I love beauty bargains. Great post :)

    Nika x

  2. It's really satisfying when you get a good bargain! X

  3. wow you got some amazing buys there! Just followed, would mean a lot if you followed back and checked out my blog! :)

    1. I was very lucky thanks! I will have a look now :) x