Friday, 27 June 2014

Five Tips for New Beauty Bloggers

Today I thought I'd shake things up and do a bit of a different post from the usual makeup malarchy and share with you five tips that I've learnt whilst writing over here on Beauty and the Budget. Although I've been blogging now for more than a year, I still feel like a bit of a noob myself to the blogging world  so here are a few things I've learnt but if you wanted some advice from a more established blogger. I'd take a look at Rebecca from Autumn Leaves' blog post which I found really useful and if your just thinking about starting a new beauty blog, I'd read up Lily Pebbles' post as a good starting point.

Post Regularly- Now I have to admit that in this area, I really am a big hypocrite, like massive and I have been known to leave the old blog empty for a good few weeks especially during the exam periods or when I'm feeling in that 'playing on the Sims all day and don't get dressed' mood. Try and set a target for yourself and get up one or two blog posts a week and maintain that so that your reader's know what to expect.

Keep it Up!- I'm not sure where I got this idea that the minute I started my blog, I'd have 100's of followers and 1000's of page views every day but it's fair to say that I was pretty disappointed when weeks went by and my follower count was on 0. Just remember, all the big bloggers all started with 0 followers too so just keep posting and enjoying the process. And then, when you do get a few followers, it will be all the more rewarding! (I remember my celebration dance I did when I got my first follower, that was a shocker of a dance, I will admit.)

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule- (Is it just me or does that word not look right anymore!?) Anyway, scheduling is a beautiful feature of Blogger and one that I couldn't be without. Going a holiday or feel like taking a blogging break? Just take an afternoon or evening off and whip up a few posts to keep your blogging mojo up and  your blog maintained whilst your away!

Don't Compare!- Another of my big blogging guilts, comparing your blog to other people's. We've all been there, looking at someone else's blog and thinking "how come they've got more page views/followers than me!" Then spending hours on the computer on the template changer on your blog tweeking every last inch of your blog away. If your feeling like that, just forget about it and put that energy back into writing posts and enjoying your blog!

Enjoy!- Blogging is there for most people as a hobby to enjoy and to ramble about the latest beauty news to other like minded people so just enjoy writing your blog posts and that will be seen when people read your posts and it's likely that they'll want to read more.

I do apologise for sounding like that 'over-enthusiastic, always happy' kind of person in this post but if you have any questions or want some advice, leave a comment below and I will make sure I reply!

Beauty and the Budget

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