Monday, 9 June 2014

Mani Monday #1

So here marks the start of a new feature on my blog with a finger lacquer related post with a review coming straight to you every Monday. So let's get started with a bit of action from Ciate, a polish brand that has only just graced my nails for the first time this week. The reason for this being that these little guys are £9 a pop, for that kind of money you could have a field day at the Barry M stand. But don't worry, my fellow beauty bargain lovers, I actually managed to pick up 3 of Ciate's mini mani month calendars with 24 mini polishes in whilst on my first trip to Sephora (which was just a bit too exciting) on holiday for just £10! It's fair to say I had a very big grin on my face for the rest of that day.

Play date is a classic summer shade, a bright coral with a slight scent of orange to it that makes your hands look a bit more tanned than they really are. Formula wise, 2 thin coats gets a good opaque finish which looks neat and shiny. With a top coat however, I must say the wear time was a bit lacking and things stayed looking good only for three or four days so no better than any of it's Barry M counterparts for a fraction of the price.

Overall, play date is a lovely colour but one that you could definitely dupe in the drugstore with the same quality if not better formula and save a few pounds at the same time. 

Beauty and the Budget


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