Sunday, 29 June 2014

Soap and Glory Fab Pore Facial Mask - Review

S&G's little facial mask has been sitting in my 'draw of things to be reviewed' for quite a long time before I've thrusted it into the spotlight for a review over here. The Fab Pore is meant to cleanse your skin and remove dirt and blackheads when it's used either as a once a week treat for 15 minutes or a regular every other day 5 minute affair.

S&G have always been good at packaging and with this, they haven't let us down. Inside the cute vintage looking box comes an expensive looking jar which is very secure and keeps the product fresh. Unscrewing the jar, you are first hit with a pretty strong bleach kind of smell which I'm not a huge fan of although the smell does die down a little after a while. The formula is pretty thick and blue in colour with little beads which are meant to exfoliate the skin.

When you apply the mask to those areas of the face where blackheads love to hang out like the nose and chin, it feels pretty chilly and refreshing which is kind of nice. I like to use the mask about 15 minutes before I have a shower and wash it off then. After coming out of the shower and having a good look in the mirror, you can see that the troublesome pores do seem slightly smaller for the rest of the evening so in that sense S&G's blackhead solution is effective for a little while. But then the blackheads just seem to come back! You can also see that my skin gets dried out by this stuff and After using it I do find that my foundation then extenuates all those dry patches (despite not having particularly dry skin) and things in the complexion department just don't look great.

Although Soap and Glory have fulfilled their promise on the box and the Fab Pore does reduce pores for a little while, the drying nature of the mask means I'd avoid this if you have really dry skin and if you have oily skin, make sure you whack on a thick moisturiser afterwards to prevent the 'dry, patchy, weird' foundation look that has happened to all of us at some point!

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  1. Love this post, will hopefully try it out some time!
    I have quite oliy skin but dry around my nose, I have been looking for a good
    moisturiser for a while now, any recommendations? Love your blog!

    1. Thank you it's lovely to know people enjoy reading! Keep an eye out for any offers on the soap and glory line in boots, they always have some deal! I haven't really tried too many moisturisers as I always forget to put one on but I do like the Superdrug vitamin e line intense moisturiser which is pretty nice but I will try some more and do a post on that! :)

  2. I was looking at this yesterday in Boots and debating whether to try it or not - I wish I'd picked it up now! x

    Sophie | Obsessive Compulsive Beauty

  3. I never tried this, but I am interesting to. I absolutely love your blog and writing, good job :)
    Nika x

    1. Thank you! It is worth a try if you've got the right kind of skin x