Wednesday, 11 June 2014

What's On My Wishlist? #8

Do you ever find that sometimes you go into a shop with a bit of money to spend but you cant find anything you like but then you go in again with close to nada in the old bank account and you want everything in the entire shop! Well that's what been happening to me recently in Topshop, they're just on it at the moment.. So here's a list of the things that I will be snapping up when I can in Topshop with just a dash of makeup lusting mixed in as well..

My main lust from the Topshop would have to be this green aztec print mini skirt which would look good with a cream sheer shirt and some black strappy heels or with flats for a more casual affair. Topshop aren't skimping on the price here thought at £34 so I may have a little look on Asos for a cheaper alternative in the same style, which I gather is called a pelmate skirt, no idea why! TS's denim oversized shirt could be a potential partner to wear with this skirt or as a fixture with black skinny jeans and espadrilles. Although I most definitely will not be wearing these high waisted shorts with the denim shirt, I think these shorts are the perfect length combining comfort with full coverage on the old derrière if you catch my drift.

Enough said on that front (or back if you pardon the pun) and we shall swiftly move onto the current makeup goodies that I've got my eyes glancing over. As a big fan of Soap and Glory's concealer and powder duo, I am excited to try some more of their facial offerings including their kick ass powder which some lovely fellow bloggers recommended me on Twitter to keep shine away now the sun has decided to start making an appearance. I'd also like to give their foundation a go as well as at the moment, foundation has not been my friend and despite having around 10 bottles of the stuff, none of them suit my skin tone or give me the coverage I want so I'm holding out hope for number 11! The final product I'm en route to giving a purchase is Maybelline's eraser collection after all the positive reviews by lots of YouTuber's in a hope that I can ditch the exam stress eye bags that I seem to have accumulated.

Beauty and the Budget


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