Thursday, 3 July 2014

Fake Tan Preppin'

It's that time of the year again when the old legs get to see the light after months hidden under layers of thick tights and socks and I make my annual attempt at trying to fake a bit of a tan on my pale pins. For all of you girls out there in the same boat, I thought I would share a few tips which I find really do work to ensure that your fake bake looks as streak-free and natural as possible.

Before we go anywhere near that bottle of tan, you've got to get prepping your body so that the tan doesn't stick to dry patches like knees and ankles. So a day before you fake it, it's time to scrub off all that dead skin with an exfoliator. I really like Superdrug's Vitamin E exfoliator although the scrubby particles are quite big so that's only one for those with pretty hardy skin. I've also tried and really enjoyed Soap and Glory's Flake Away Scrub which smells pretty damn good and is a bit more gentle on the skin but still effective.

After we've scrubbed away and got all that old skin off, moisturising is the next step on our journey to a good looking tan. Another really nice Soap and Glory item is their Righteous Body Butter which feels pretty luxurious and thick on the skin. Make sure you concentrate this stuff on those particularly dry areas like the knees and the ankles so that none of the tan sticks to those areas.

So now we're all prepped up for our tanning sesh, it's time to get down to the business of the application, my least favourite part. Primark's Self Tan Mitt is a must for applying tan as it prevents the classic tell-tale sign that you've been at the fake tan, orange hands. The mitt also helps to buff the product into your skin so you don't get a streaky finish. When you're applying the tan, take a very small amount of tan onto your mitt and buff away into your skin for a good long time to make sure it's blended in. I'd also recommend that you do your tanning business in natural light so that you can see clearly whether another layer of the stuff is actually needed or not.

So there are my two cents on the whole fake tan business. I'm far way from being a tanning expert and have too had my fair share of classic tanning mishaps but when I use these tips and take my time, things seem to work out ok in the end, phew..

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