Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Four Feet Friendly Polishes

You may not have gathered from my rather strange sounding title for this post, but today, I thought I'd share four of my favourite polishes to use on my toe nails with you. As a little warning, I have not included any pictures of my feet below as let's face it, feet are not such a pretty site, well mine anyway..

Bright polishes are a regular on my toe nails especially a good coral like Ciate's mini polish in play date. The cute name of this polish I like equally as much as I do the shade, a bright red toned coral which really looks lovely peeping out of a pair of sandals. An alternative to the classic coral nails would be a nice orange like Barry M's gelly hi-shine offering in the shade Papaya. Not only does this guy give your nails a shiny gel-ish finish but the colour is really nice and something a bit different.

My current lacquer of choice for my feet is controversially not a coral colour or even an orange but a peach shade called A Crewed Interest by Essie, shocker! Any who, this shade may for some people be a little too close to their skin colour but I think it's quite a good alternative to the usual colours. A final offering from MUA is their polish in Lush Lilac which is not a lilac shade but actually a baby pink which I love. This stuff makes nails look really neat and polished with about 3 coats, a definite must buy at only £1.

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