Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lacura from Aldi Daily Face Cream- Review

Moisturiser is one step I my skincare routine that I often manage to forget about despite really needing some hydration on my dry skin. But recently, I've tried to reform myself into a lean mean moisturising machine with the help of a new moisturiser on the block, Lacura's Daily Face Cream* which can be bought from Aldi at the pretty decent price of just £1.49.  

Housed in a simple but practical tube, the moisturiser has a pretty thick formula so I would say that this guy is more for dry skins or as a night time treat. The thick formula contains SPF 15 so it will keep your face protected when the sun decides to make an appearance although if you off out somewhere a bit fancy and want to take a few photos, this stuff will give your skin a flashback making your skin appear white so one to make a note of.

I like to pop some of this stuff on morning and night to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. when I do apply it, the cream feels quite heavy which won't be to everyone's taste but it does do it's job of making my skin softer and hydrated so in that sense, this stuff is good! After having a little scan through the chit chat on the back, I noticed that Lacura recommended this as a good pre-makeup base which after a bit of investigation, I can conclude that although there aren't any noticeable longer wear foundation benefits, it does help foundation to sit a bit nicer in those dry spots which is always appreciated. 

Overall, I really like this moisturiser especially considering the price which is pretty damn good. If you do have quite oily skin anyway thought I would maybe keep this as a one off treat rather that your everyday 'go-to guy.'

Beauty and the Budget

*PR Sample

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