Sunday, 27 July 2014

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer - Review

For all you savvy-readers out there, you may remember that I while ago I picked up MAC's Select Cover Up Concealer from the Debenhams sale after it being on my wishlist for a pretty long time. Well after using it for a couple of months, it's time to share some thoughts on the stuff..

MAC's concealer offering comes housed in a very professional looking tube and also in a wide variety of shades of which I am NW20, a kind of fair to medium skin tone. You only need a very small amount of the concealer to cover up a face full of blemishes as it strongly pigmented. That's pretty good thought considering the small amount of product you get for the pretty large price tag. The formula of the concealer feels quite thick but I didn't have any complaints of heaviness thought so all things were fine there.

I personally use this concealer for use both under eyes and blemishes. For under eyes, I squeeze out a little onto my finger and then pat it in under my eyes but for blemishes, I'm a fan of using the Real Techniques detailer blush to pinpoint the blemish that needs to be covered up.  But Emily, I hear you say, is it actually any good?!

Well my lovely reader, I'm afraid that I don't really think this stuff is that good.. The concealer is quite high coverage when you first apply it, not as high as the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer I'd say so not high enough to tackle any monster bags n' blemishes. Personally, I was a bit disappointed by this as I did envision a concealer with some intense covering powers. The coverage I also find did not last vey long and after applying it at 1pm the other day and then coming homing at around 4pm, I found that my blemishes and bags were quite prominent, a problem I don't have as much with the Collection concealer or the Vichy dermablend foundation either. Another little irk I have with this is that it creases almost instantly under my eyes even if I powder which I do find happens even with the blessed Collection concealer but surely when you pay that much more for a concealer, it should be that much better.

Overall, I have to say I was disappointed with this concealer and it really didn't give me enough coverage or lasting power. I suppose if you have pretty damn flawless skin already and just want a little concealer for very minor blemishes or under eye circles, this may suit you but I am definitely not in that category of lucky people, I need all the coverage I can muster! I'd say save your money and buy the Collection concealer or maybe Vichy's dermablend concealer instead, sorry MAC..

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