Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob - Review

Rimmel's lip liner in Eastend Snob is the result of a beauty mission I've been on to find the perfect everyday nudish pink lipstick which makes your lips look that bit better (here's a summary post of all the lip products I tried)

Housed in pretty basic but fine packaging is the twist up lip pencil. But be warned, wind the pencil up too much, even just a little bit too much and it snaps off! I think I've wasted about half of the pencil inside and there isn't even that much pencil there in the first place, oh Rimmel..

Anyway, packaging rant over, I do actually really like the colour of this pencil. It really is that perfect pink/nude colour that  would suit the majority of skin tones. The formula of the pencil is matte and I do find that it can be pretty drying on the lips when you first apply it so make sure you to slip on a layer of lip balm on before to keep things looking good. The wear time of this little pencil is pretty good as well and can easily stay place until about lunch time if I pop it on in the morning. layered under a lipstick/gloss, this little guy would last even longer as well.

Overall, a really lovely colour and formula Rimmel have got here. It's just a shame about the irritating packaging of the pencil. I reckon thought that they probably have a matching lipstick to this somewhere in the range so if you just can't cope with the annoyance of this pencil, then do have a look for that!

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