Sunday, 13 July 2014

The 2 Minute Cleanse

You know when you get back home late at night and the last thing you want to be doing is conducting a full 10 minute skin care performance... Well, for those nights, I've devised a cheeky two minute solution which gets rid of all that makeup and cleanses away the bad stuff without all the fuss with just two products.
First step, makeup wipes, nothing revolutionary I know but wipes do get the majority of your makeup off in a much shorter time than cleansing does. The ones I've been using at the moment are the Lacura Facial Cleansing wipes* which you can pick up from Aldi for just 89p a pack. One problem I've always had with face wipes is I find they sting my skin really badly but these guys make makeup removal pain free, always a plus. They also have enough moisture to get everything including eye makeup off. However, I can hear all the skincare gurus shouting at how wipes are the worst things for your skin and all that so if you have a few worries about wipes on your skin then you might want to pay a little more and go for the Soap and Glory's Off Your Face Wipes although I don't think there's anything too dreadful about Aldi's offering either.

As a second step in the two minute routine, I also like to take some of the Boots Botanics toner on a cotton pad all over my face as a way to make sure everything is gone. The Boots toner feels very refreshing on the skin and also does keep skin looking nice and fresh.

Beauty and the Budget

*PR Sample


  1. I think Aldi products are just as good as the 'bigger' brands, finally good to find a blogger who isn't all about the 'big' brands. Considering whether to test them out. Great post!:)xo
    Molly Louise Blogs xo

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    2. I've been really impressed by the Aldi products and they do work just as well as more expensive big brands especially for basic stuff like wipes! Ah thank you! I have tried quite a few high end products especially MAC and haven't been too impressed! Thanks for your comment xx