Friday, 29 August 2014

Sephora, Benefit and L'Oreal Haul!


A ten hour drive from Austria to Calais and the surprising revelation that there was a Sephora shop in the Cite Europe mall in Calais plus the duty free advantages of on ferry shopping has left me with rather a large haul to share with you guys today.. Here's what I picked up..

The extreme amount of products available in the Sephora store in Calais left me some what overwhelmed, so much so that I completely forgot I had three other cleansers waiting to be opened in my beauty stash when I bought Sephora's cleansing cream. This stuff looks good thought, I can't lie, like buttery soft and as if it will really help to smooth my skin whilst removing my makeup. Whilst hovering around the Sephora skincare stand, I also took over to the tills a tube of their exfoliator and mask which smells really lovely and will be a nice change to the Clean and Clear scrub I've been using recently. The lady at the till also popped into my bag a few perfume samples which I love to keep in my handbag in case I'm feeling the need for a little top up during the day.

A completely spur of the moment purchase for me when travelling through the channel on the ferry was the Gimme Brow from Benefit. I'd heard lots of good things about this stuff from other bloggers and the tester shade in light to medium looked very similar to my brow shade so off it popped into my basket and boy am I glad it did! I really like this brow mascara, it's exactly the right shade for me and adds lots of definition to my brows without being too much, expect a full review soon!

Another 'on-board' purchase was the advanced correcting serum from L'Oreal which I must say looks very fancy indeed in its little pink bottle, check you L'Oreal! Anyway, I've been trying out lots of different primers recently to find which ones actually do something for your makeup and although L'Oreal call this a serum, a little birdy tells me (Miss Budget Beauty to be precise) that this stuff is actually pretty good as a primer under foundation so I can't wait to give it a little test out.

Also from L'Oreal I picked up their true match foundation which seems to be really hyped up at the moment in the blogging world. You can expect a full review from this stuff over the next week but here's a sneak peek, I really like it, 'nuff said..

Beauty and the Budget

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