Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Summer Proof Eyeliner

Despite being blessed with the hand-eye coordination of a two year old, I have really been getting into liquid eye liner recently, not anything fancy of course but just a thin line above my lashes to add a little more definition to the whole eye area. Now, usually liquid liner is for me, one of those things which I  wear once or twice and then just forget about again but you won't believe it, I've worn liquid liner everyday for about three weeks now (now that's gonna take a while to sink in) and I believe it's all down to this new addition to my makeup stash, Collection's fast stroke eyeliner..

On first impressions, Collection's little gem looks pretty ordinary in a long black tube but first impressions can definitely be decieving. Admittedly, the brush on this liner isn't anything outstanding and you do have to make sure that you wipe off any excess liquid to avoid a whole load of splodges all over your eyes. I suppose the brush is quite small in size so you can really get the liner where you want it, I suppose it all depends on your eye shape and liner skills really.

Where this stuff really comes into it's own is the intensity of the liquid which gives a truly black line so makes your lashes look thicker and fuller. Unlike MUA's £1 liquid liner (which now resided in the back If my stash and only sees light when I'm hole alone and wanting to emulate cleopatra's winged eye liner) this stuff does not flake off my eyes and break up during the day and I am confident in saying that it literally lasts all day on my sweaty summer face without anything budging.

Overall, if your in need of a liquid liner, you would be silly not to give this stuff a go for less than £3 especially if you are a regular splurger when it come to the liquid stuff.

Beauty and the Budget

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