Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Under £3 Beauty Essentials

My blog is usually filled with a good helping of lipsticks, foundations and all that good stuff. But today, I thought I'd turn the spotlight instead  onto all those little beauty essentials that I always like to have in my beauty stash but are usually forgotten under a heap of mainstream makeup. As it happens, all my beauty themed necessities happened to fall under the £3 mark so naturally, a blog post just had to be written..

Eyelash curlers are just one of those beauty tools that really do work. A quick curl of your lashes opens up the eyes and mascara just looks so much better afterwards. I picked up this  electric blue pair from Topshop in the sale for £3 after my last pair went into retirement but you can definitely find cheaper ones that work just as well in Boots or Superdrug.

A rather new essential to join the stash is the nail hardener, growth enhancer, base coat and general nail improver from Superdrug which I finally decided to purchase after one too many broken nails.. Now here's a fun fact about myself, I literally have the weakest nails known to man and they have been known to fold over and brake, I know, disgusting.. Anyway, I've been slathering on a layer of this under my nail polish and it really has helped to prolong the life of my paint jobs. When I've been having a colour free period, I also use two layers of this stuff to help strengthen my nails. After slathering this stuff on, I do find that my nails break much less easily and just feel a bit stronger, not like bullets or anything but they do feel better so making this is an essential in the nail draw.

For a long time, the words 'buffing' or 'shaping' did not exist in my nail vocabulary and I stuck to filing my nails down to a wonky mess. Well, I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that I finally saw the error of my filing ways and bought a 4 way buffer from Boots. A bit of buffing, shining and filing has left me with a set of soft, shiny and generally straighter nails as well as a vow to never be without my little buffing buddy ever again.

This may seem like a really strange mention but recently, I've really liked using a combination of my cleanser, some hot water and a flannel to remove my makeup. A nice flannel feels really soft on my skin and also gives a bit of exfoliation at the same time. A good place to pick up some flannels for very little would be Savers or Primark where they are definitely sold for less than £3.

Cotton pads are an absolute essential for me to remove my eye makeup with as well as sweeping a toner across my skin or cleaning up after a failed cat eye liner attempt. I like to pick up my cotton pads from Boots where you pay slightly more but they don't tend to break up as much in your eye as the Primark version do.

Beauty and the Budget


  1. Oh...I might give those eyelash curlers a chance. For £3 I don't have much to lose. I'm absolutely addicted to my No7 heated eyelash curlers which normally retail for £14 but I got them for half price a few days back. And I used to have a lot of breakage with my nails too but since I've been taking Multi vitamin tablets especially BioTin tablets my nails, skin and hair have never been better.
    P.s. It's great to see a blog promoting products that don't break the bank.

    1. I've never tried heated eyelash curlers, they sound very interesting but a bit more expensive! If you can't find the Topshop curlers anymore, definitely try Boots! Thank you, glad you enjoy! :) xx

  2. This post is super nice. I love reading affordable beauty products. Have to try the nail hardener...xx
    Nika's Beauty Land

    1. I'm so glad I picked it up, nails have been so much better recently! And thank you very muich,t hat's lovely to hear :) xx