Monday, 25 August 2014

What's on my Wishlist? #9

It feels like ages since I've had a good shopping trip and with a potential trip to London on the horizon, I felt it was only appropriate to share some of the stuff that I've had my beady little eye on recently..

After years of leaving my eyebrows completely pencil free, I have finally come to realise how much of a difference filling in your brows makes to your face. I'd like to give  Sleek's mechanical brow stylist pencil a go but the reviews I've read have been a little mixed so if you do have any brow pencils that you swear by, do let me know!

I remember trying BiorĂ©'s black head scrub a little while back and really loving it so i do have  high hopes that BiorĂ©'s charcoal black head cleanser will be just as good. The cleanser appears to be black in colour which looks pretty interesting. It might be a good idea to wait till I've finished the three other cleansers that I have in my stash before I buy this first thought.. #bloggingproblems

As a long term fan of Soap and Glory's Kick Ass Concealer, I have really liked using the powder that comes in the little set but it's starting to run out so I'm feeling a purchase of the powder alone will be essential. The powder is translucent in colour and really helps to keep shine and oil at bay throughout the day although it does seem to run out very quickly, either that or I'm just one oily gal..

My Real Techniques buffing brush and me have been best buds since the starter kit arrived through my front door about a year and a half ago. Everyday use has left my dear friend a little worse for wear so I'm sensing a new foundation brush purchase may be happening soon! The Zoeva rose gold brush set looks really beautiful but £80 is a lot to pay and I'm only really in need of a new foundation brush, ohh decisions!

Having bad skin means that finding a foundation with enough coverage is one big problem but then making sure the foundation stays on all day is yet another challenge! That's my reason behind wanting to try the makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. As well as a spray, I'd also like to try the baby skin primer from Maybelline to see if things will stay put a bit longer with a bit of priming action added in to the mix.

If you have tried any of these products or have any suggestions of what I should try, leave a comment below and I will definitely have a read!

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  1. The Zoeva brushes are on my wishlist as well, they look lovely!