Monday, 22 September 2014

Loving at the Moment #2

After sharing the products that haven't really been floating my beauty boat recently, I thought I'd make a slightly more positive post today instead and show you these four little beauties which I've been really loving recently..

With the usual September return to school, I've been keeping my skin regime pretty consistent and one product that really has shone out has been the Effaclar Duo from La Roche Posay. Although I'm going to have to admit that my extensive GCSE French has not allowed me to understand what the name of this stuff means, I do know however that my skin seems to like this stuff a lot and my blemishes have really diminished since using this regularly. Despite the slightly heftier price tag for this, I do think that it is worth it as it's the only thing I've tried that seems to really help my problem skin out.

If you've been scrolling through Beauty and the Budget for a long time now, you may of noticed that despite having an acrylic lipstick holder filled with 24 lipsticks, I hardly ever wear anything on my lips, bit crazy I know! But, a miracle has occurred and I have actually worn this lipstick from the Maybelline colour sensation line in the shade 'Sweet Pink' outside the four walls of my bedroom! Granted this pink/nude shade isn't really a hot pink or a purple but it is a really nice choice if you just want to make your lips look a little more polished but without anything too daring.

The Eraser from Maybelline has been on the end of my wishlist for a very long time and boy am I glad that I can tick it off now because this stuff is really good. The yellow tone to the concealer covers up under eye circles really nicely by cancelling out the purple tones whilst the sponge applicator makes it really easy and quick to apply.

Benefit's Gimme Brow has popped up in nearly every post I've hit 'publish' on recently and I'll tell you why, it's just sooo good! The colour is perfect for anyone with light to medium brown hair and the formula fills in any sparse areas making brows appear fuller and neater, just all round brow-goodness really, well worth the more expensive price tag.

Beauty and the Budget

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