Wednesday, 3 September 2014

MUA Pro Base Fixing Spray- Review

MUA's setting spray has been sitting in my 'to blog about' bag for such along time probably because judging whether this stuff works is pretty hard. But, after a year of this stuff being in my stash, I've finally reached a conclusion..

The fixing mist comes in a small little bottle with a spray mechanism which does make the spray come out evenly. The scent of the spray isn't particularly strong, just a little synthetic smelling but nothing too bad.

I like to spray this stuff on my face both before I apply any makeup on a bare face as well as after I've applied my foundation and concealer. Do make sure you don't apply it once you've done your eyes thought, I've made that mistake quite a few times and you do get instant panda eyes which isn't the best especially when you're in a rush..

The main purpose of applying the spray however is to make your foundation last longer which I'm not sure this spray really did. A quick read of the label also sees MUA claim that this stuff also hydrates the skin which I can't really agree with either.

Overall, the spray of this stuff is nice enough and it didn't break me out or anything, I don't think I really did much for the longevity of my makeup so I can't really recommend it.

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