Monday, 15 September 2014

Real Techniques Miracle Compexion Sponge- Review


Ever since I first tried buffing my foundation ages back with my first sponge, the 99p eBay one, I've been a strong advocate of the brilliance of sponges for applying foundation. But the loss of my beloved 99p sponge seemed to coincide with me noticing this new sponge in the Real techniques section in Boots which of course I had to give it a try. At £5.99, this is one pricey sponge but is it any better than any other sponge you can get for a lot less? Let's see..

When you first pop this guy out of his packaging, he seems pretty small but run him under some water and it expands to almost double the size making blending foundation out just that little quicker. I also really like the shape of Sam and Nick's (aka. the Pixiwoo sisters) new addition to their Real Techniques line with it's different areas for specific jobs. There's a large flat area which I find is the best for buffing in foundation and a pointed tip which is meant to be for pinpointing blemishes but I do find it's just a little too pointed for that so I tend to mainly use the flat area for concealer as well as foundation.

When I do use the miracle complexion sponge for my foundation and concealer, it does give a really lovely finish and if your like me struggling to cover up big blemishes, the sponge does mean that when your blending out your concealer, the coverage doesn't just disappear which is always useful. The thing is with using this or any sponge is that it does take a lot longer than using a brush so I'm not sure if I would use this for an everyday look, maybe just when I went my skin to look that bit better.

I do really like this sponge and I think the flat area is particularly nice for foundation and blending out under eye concealer so if you do want to add to your Real techniques collection, then this would be a good choice but if you do want to save a few pounds, the eBay dupe isn't a million miles away from this one.

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  1. I've heard loads of great reviews about this Real Techniques Sponge. And I used to be a sponge user myself until I found my EcoTools Flat Foundation brush which is brilliant. I do want to return to sponges and this sponge does look great but the only thing that worries me is that sponges, despite being a little damp, can 'soak' up foundation resulting in you using more product than you would if you'd used a brush. I'm not sure if that's the case with this brush however?

    1. Yeh I do think that I use a little more foundation than I would with a brush but I've had other sponges from eBay in the past which have literally soaked up nearly all of the foundation I pump out so I wouldn't be too worried about that! :)