Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Rimmel 25 Hour Lasting Finish Nude Foundation - Review

Rimmel seem to have done their homework when they were designing the new version of their classic 25 hour foundation as their new 'nude' version seems to pretty much improve all the niggles that I and quite a few other bloggers had with their older foundation. Their new nude foundation still has the big 'all day plus one hour' lasting time claim but promises a medium coverage with a lighter feel on the skin as well as having a wider range of shades for those of us with a complexion which is slightly more 'Caspar the friendly ghost' than 'bronzed goddess.' With those sorts of claims, I simply had to pick up a bottle of this new formula and give it a whirl myself. Here's what I thought..

First impressions of the foundation are pretty promising, a glass bottle with a pump that means you can get out the right amount of product (one good pump seems to be enough for me) whilst avoiding any 'foundation on the carpet' disasters that usually go along with applying my base. Before I go any further with this review, I feel that we should just take a minute to recognise that for once in my life, I seem to have found a foundation that doesn't make me resemble a tangerine. Slightly over dramatic perhaps but for any fellow pale girls out there, Rimmel foundations may be one to try in the future if you're struggling to find a good colour match.

The thicker formula of this foundation does mean that it will take a little more effort than usual to blend into the skin. I find that a sponge is the way to go with this stuff as brushes tend to make the skin look a little cakey.  I wouldn't try layering this foundation however as although it doesn't feel heavy at all on the skin, it does tend to get a little cakey if you apply another layer. If like me, you find the medium coverage isn't quite enough, pop on a bit of concealer instead to keep the foundation from caking up.

Now we're on the subject of coverage, this foundation does give a nice medium finish which would be plenty for a blemish-free complexion and for me with my lovely lovely blemishes, I find I do a need a teeny bit of concealer on those big rogue blemishes but apart from that, I'm good to go. The finish of the foundation I'd say is quite dewy and natural looking and after powdering in the morning, I stay pretty matte throughout the day with my dryish skin. So does this foundation actually last for 25hours? Well I'd never really be up all day and all night to test that big ol' claim out but I can confirm this foundation does last all day from about 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening which for me is a really good wear time!

Overall, I really enjoy using this foundation and although things can start to get a little cakey if you start layering up, one nice even layer gives me a good, long lasting coverage which I'm pretty dam happy with.Yep, this stuff most definitely has my seal of approval!

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  1. I've been using this recently as well and I love it so far!