Monday, 29 September 2014

What's On My Wishlist? #10

Despite having posted a big'un of a haul very recently, my wishlist has grown substantially and I feel a couple of online orders will be happening very soon as well as a trip to Boots and Superdrug. Here are the seven products that I am lusting after at the moment..

Let's start with the most ridiculously priced product on the list, the Hourglass Ambient Blush in dimlight which comes in at a whopping £28! If you've been clicking round these parts for a long time now, you may know that when it comes to me and blush, we tend to just avoid each other. That is, until I saw one of these blushes sported by Anna from Vivianna does Makeup (big girl crush alert) which just looked absolutely beautiful and not at all like a porcelain doll. The blend of a beautiful highlight with a coral shade blush all housed in some stunning packaging is just so tempting that I don't think I'm able to resist hitting the 'place order' button!

Another more expensive product that I'm coveting at the moment is the Mary Balm Lou-minizer which although is a little on the pricey side, this highlighter won't leave as much of a dent in the purse as the Hourglass will. As I am yet to pop my 'highlighter cherry' I thought I'd dip my foot in with this off white pretty shimmery and iridescent shade and attempt to do a bit of an application to the top of my cheekbones to look a little more glowy than usual.

Now I know I'm pretty late on the whole Tanya Burr nail polish range thingy but I was just browsing through the shades of nail polishes in her collection and the shades 'little duck,' a duck egg shade and 'bright and early,' a coral shade really jumped out at me and into my virtual basket. Word on the street is there are lots more Tanya Burr cosmetics goodies launching in October so if I like these polishes, you may see a big haul of some of the new launches when they're released.

Do you ever want to buy something just because of the type of packaging it's housed in or is it just me that wants to buy an eye cream specifically because it comes in a pot?! I know, really strange but after being impressed with the Soap and Glory skincare that I have tried, I want to give the Puffy Eye Attack eye cream a little go for myself soon. However, at £12 this little pot is pretty pricey so I may just wait till S&G bring out their Christmas sets that always seem to go in the sale after the big day has come and gone to try this eye cream for a little less.

Another skincare product that I'm after is the rose hydrate face mask from Super Facialist by Una Brennan which can be found in Boots. Recently, my skin has been feeling a bit dry despite using a moisturiser everyday and I don't seem to have a face mask in my stash specifically for moisturising. So after reading some really good reviews on this mask, I am very excited to be slapping this on some time soon.

With my red cheeks and purple/green under eye circles, I am very interested in having a little play around with MUA's new correcting palette which has various shades (green, purple, peach and yellow) to counteract redness and under eye darkness in the skin. Although I do wonder whether applying a purple concealer will leave a lavender-ish shade on my skin , I'm still pretty interested in giving this a little try.

Beauty and the Budget

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