Monday, 6 October 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation- Review

So Rimmel have done it again and produced yet another lovely foundation which comes in the form of their stay matte mousse offering. Having a few dry patches on my skin made me a little nervous that this foundation which is aimed at oily skin wouldn't work for me at all but I was pleasantly surprised to find that I do actually really like this!

Packaging wise, Rimmel went down the simple alley with this foundation but the squeezy tube means you can squeeze out all the product left in the tube and not waste any. A quick squeeze of the tube reveals a very strange mousse formula which is very pigmented so you only need a little to get a good coverage. The foundation does blend in quite easily if you use a buffing brush. Using a sponge or your fingers however doesn't seem to do the trick with this foundation as the formula is quite thick so make sure you have a brush 'hand'y (pun intended.)

The finish of the foundation is very matte which an oily skinned gal would probably appreciate but someone who loves a good natural finish might not be so much of a fan. Despite the matte finish, I didn't find this clinged to any 'less desirable' dry patches on my skin nor did it look cakey when I applied another layer.

The coverage this foundation gives is very nice and should be plenty for those with the odd blemish. The only thing I would say against this foundation would be the wearing time which I find is sometimes good lasting almost all day but then sometimes it does tend to wear off a bit sooner than I'd like.

Although the wear time for this foundation can be a little unpredictable, I do really like this foundation and if you do have a bit more to cover and like a matte finish then I'd definitely have a little stroll over to the Rimmel counter and have a little swatch but make sure your buffing brush is clean when your trying this out!

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