Monday, 13 July 2015

New(ish) Drugstore Makeup that You Have to Try

Recently, the drugstore makeup brands have been releasing some pretty on point products that have made their way onto the top of my makeup draws as bits that I reach for almost everyday. Today, I have five new(ish) products that have just been released and a re well worth a little swatch & purchase action next time you're on a haul.

First things first, base and L'Oreal's Infallible foundation is a pretty good one. The shade range is pretty extensive and even caters for the 'whiter than white' complexions like mine with the colour Porcelain matching really well. The foundation has a pretty heavy and long lasting coverage but at the same time, it doesn't feel heavy or like it's causing break outs. I've written about this foundation a little more in my last post so if you're feeling in the need of something new for you're base, I'd pop over and give that a little read!

Moving onto eyes, there's two newbies in this category with the first being from Topshop, their magical liner has been my go to choice for attempting a bit of cat eye action lately. This liner a very long and thin nib which means that it's really easy to get a neat flick on your eyes and also makes lining your eyes above your lashes a lot quicker. The long-lasting and deeply pigmented formula of this liner makes it even more of a good'un especially as you can find this in the Topshop makeup stands for under £10.  Staying with the eye makeup theme, I've also been loving Bourjois' Volume Clubbing mascara which may not specifically be a new product to the drugstore, but I thought it was definitely good enough for a mention. This mascara is really nice if you're heading out in the evening as it has a big brush which creates really dark and thick lashes that draw attention to your eyes. I probably wouldn't reach for this mascara for the daytime as it's slightly too heavy for that but it's definitely a nice one to have if you want longer lashes for the evening but can't be bothered to go through the trauma of applying false lashes!

Bourjois have been having a good streak of products recently and as well as their mascara, their Delice De Poudre Bronzer & Highlight is a really nice duo of powders to both contour and highlight with. The bronzer shade is warm and matte making it a good number for a bit of cheekbone work and the likes and the highlight is a shimmery champagne shade which seems to become more pigmented as you use it so after a while turns into a lovely shade for highlighting the areas of your face that the sun would naturally hit.

Max Factor's new Creme Puff blushers have been another really strong face powder product from the drugstore. They seem to be a dupe of the Hourglass ambient blushers but without the hefty price tag attached, a sort of blush and highlight all rolled into one. I have the shade seductive pink which is a really pretty dolly pink colour with a slight golden shimmer running through it. The powders are well pigmented and do add a nice amount of colour to your cheeks so they are definitely an option if you're after a new blusher.

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