Saturday, 22 August 2015

The £16 Going Out Heels!

As a self confessed PJ-lover, its not often I venture out after 10pm but today is a little bit different as I'm actually going out, out- shocker! Anyway, the thought of a night out obviously brought on the usual 'I have no clothes- what on earth do I wear' dilemma so I ended up in Primark with a new top and a new pair of heels which I've kind of fallen in love with..

From scrolling through the instagrams of all the Kardashians, I've really wanted to get a pair of the lace-up heels they love to wear but I wasn't really feeling like splurging for the pairs that Office do so when I saw these in Primark for just £26, I knew I just had to nab them straight away. From the front, you can just see the lace up details which I love the look of and the suede-esque material they are made of makes them look a lot more expensive. Then from the back, they have a cut out at the heel in a sort of sandal style meaning that you could definitely make them look more casual maybe with a pair of boyfriend jeans.

I've bought some heels before from Primark and have noticed that they last really well so I've got high hopes for this pair that they'll be my shoes of choice for a long time to come!

Beauty and the Budget