Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Best Budget Eye Makeup Remover

Opening up my toiletries bag after arriving in Vancouver in the middle of the night and discovering that I'd completely forgot eye makeup remover and would somehow have to remove all the black under my eyes r with a combination of tissue paper and hot water was not a happy time for me. So swiftly the next morning I made my way down to the nearest drugstore and picked up a little bottle of remover so I wouldn't have another night of getting tissue paper in my eye and dealing with far from cleansed under eyes. Anyway, with that backstory out of the way, it actually turned out that the Marcelle Gentle Eye Makeup remover was the most effective remover I've tried! 

Compared to the oil-free formulas of the likes of Bioderma and Garnier's miccelar waters, Marcelle's remover does have a pretty oily formula which I have found makes removing makeup so much easier. A splash of the formula on a cotton pad gets even waterproof mascara and heavy eyeliner, it's like magic! Now I know not everybody loves the oil-y formulas but I didn't find that it irritated my very sensitive skin at all and it even made my skin feel a little softer afterwards, a bonus feature! 

Now I know that it would not be economically sensible to fly over to Canada just to get your hands on this stuff but, from a little research online, I believe you can buy this on eBay and a few other places online and have it delivered which may seem a little excessive for a makeup remover. But, this stuff is seriously good, like better than Bioderma so next time you're scrolling through the web or find yourself in Canada, I'd say pick up a bottle (or two as I have just done..) 

Beauty and the Budget

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