Thursday, 3 September 2015

maybelline master redness primer I review

I have quite an odd attitude towards primers - mostly because I haven't ever really found one that does enough for my skin pre-foundation to make me really bother applying it everyday. But when I was on holiday and came across the Maybelline Master Prime for Blurring and Redness Control, (which is now available in the UK) I thought if this little tube can do the things it promises, it's well worth giving it a little go. Here's how I found it..

What really drew me to this primer was the fact that there were different coloured primers to address the things you want to correct so this green one is for cancelling out redness in your skin but there's also a peach toned version for illuminating and also a white one for smoothing out the surface of your skin. In this way, it's pretty easy to tell that Maybelline have attempted to dupe the much more expensive but highly raved about Smashbox primer range, sneaky Maybelline..

The formula of this primer is definitely not anything like the traditional silicone 'fill in your pores' texture that the Benefit Porefessional primer does, it's much more of a moisturiser like feeling on your skin which I know some people will really like if you're not a fan of that silicone feeling. And you need not worry that the green colour of this primer will make your skin appear grass like in colour, it just blends into the skin again very like a moisturiser would.

So does this primer actually blur redness on your skin? Well, yes but not dramatically. After I rub this into my cheeks where my skin tends to be particularly red, my skin is slightly less red and things do seem to look a little more neutral and even toned. Although the results aren't particularly striking, if you do have redness in your skin that you want to cover, then you may really like this.

Personally, if redness ahs always been something you want to cover then I'd say go for this but if you're looking for a primer more as a way of keeping you're makeup on for longer, this doesn't really seem to do much and my foundation lasted the same as it does with nothing underneath.

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    1. So annoying that America seems to get all the best makeup releases so quickly and we miss out in the UK! Thanks for your comment :) x

  2. Doesn't sound like the best primer! Thanks so much for the review!