Tuesday, 1 September 2015

budget hair products to avoid

Having frizzy, big and untameable hair means I spend rather a large proportion of my life wondering down the aisles of Boots looking for a miracle product that will solve all of my hair woes, it's fair to say that I have been disappointed quite a few times! So today I thought I'd write about three products that I've tried to tame my tresses but have just left me, feeling a little disappointed...

After a quick scroll though the results of a 'beach waves' search on Pinterest, I was determined to somehow achieve the look so I bought a bottle of the Schwarzkopf Beach Matte Salt Spray thinking a couple of spritzes would bring out the inner Blake Lively in my hair. Unfortunately though my hopes were scarpered as I found this spray, although it smelt very nice, made my hair feel really sticky and dirty when I used it. Naturally, my hair is pretty wavy so I did kind of like the way that this spray made my curls look a little more defined but for me, the way my hair felt with this on and how the spray seemed to dry out my hair making it feel pretty crunchy, I really didn't feel like using it again. If like me, you've also found yourself googling how to create those oh so Instagram-able waves, the Toni & Guy Sea Salt Spray is a much nicer option than this Schwarzkopf option as it feels a lot lighter in texture and doesn't seem to dry my hair out as much as the latter does!

Very sorry Schwarzkopf but, I'm afraid my next disappointing product is another from the brand, the Mind Blowing Xpress Styling Spray. This spray, like the last also has that same cute but slightly gimmicky packaging that always I'm afraid to say, gives me the feeling that the product won't do much for my hair. The styling spray claims to be a heat protectant as well as detangling and conditioning your hair and also helping to speed up blow dries as well, some big claims there.. Whilst the pink and blue colours of the bottle look pretty cute on my dressing table, I'm not as fond of this product as I am of the packaging. When I spritz this on my wet hair pre-blow dry, my hair feels really weighted down with product even if you only do a few pumps and this seems to translate into your post- blow dry hair looking just a bit dull and with no shine or sign that you've just washed your locks. Although it's really hard to say whether this spray does any heat protecting, it doesn't really seem to do much for how long it takes to dry my hair and even with a few spritzes of this, I'm still there for my usual 10 minute arm workout so unfortunately, I won't be recommending this spray anytime soon.

Although I was a pretty big fan of the hair recovery oil that John Freida had in it's frizz ease range as a way of keeping your hair feeling soft and shiny, I have to admit I wasn't loving their Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Semi Permanent Styling Spray. This spray basically claims to keep your straightened hair straight for up to 3 days and as someone that straightens their hair every three or four days, the idea of not having to get out the GHD's quite so often was very appealing. In reality though, I didn't find this spray did much at all to keeping my hair straight even though it didn't make my hair feel dry or crispy like others I've tried have. However, perhaps if you have very curly hair, this spray may be more effective as although my hair is pretty wavy, I think that the effect of this would be stronger and you may actually end up liking this so I wouldn't entirely dismiss this product!

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  1. I actually quite like that sea salt spray and I find that it doesn't leave my hair crunchy as long as I apply it to my hands first and then scrunch it in my hair rather than spray directly onto my hair. Might be worth giving that a try xx

    Ioanna | Hearting.co.uk

    1. That's a really good idea, I will give that a try next time thanks! x